Property Management Services

Hudson McDonald Properties, Inc. provides property and asset management services for Berkeley property owners that seek to maximize their income while ensuring that their properties are well-maintained and positioned for long-term, consistent growth. We work best with owners that believe in providing a high-quality living environment for their residents. Accordingly, we focus on excellent tenant relationships, preventative maintenance, and appropriate capital improvements to ensure a well-run property.

Hudson McDonald is a full-service property management firm and our goal is to partner with our clients to provide worry-free ownership. We handle all aspects of property management including marketing and leasing, rent collections, vendor management and payment, and long-term strategic planning. We provide detailed reporting, meet with owners as requested, and take our responsibility as stewards of your property very seriously.

Hudson McDonald is locally owned and operated and we focus exclusively on the Berkeley market. We understand the needs of both students and traditional residents and are experts at identifying qualified, responsible tenants. We understand the need for proactive management in buildings that include student tenants to ensure a pleasant and respectful living environment for all.

As a Berkeley based firm, we are fully aware of Berkeley’s unique and complex rent control rules and all local, state and federal laws affecting property owners. We process all paperwork and ensure the payment of all fees to keep properties properly registered and compliant. Giving the potential long-term tenancies fostered by rent control, we work diligently to identify the best-qualified tenants to ensure long-term financial growth. We are fully compliant with fair housing and equal opportunity laws.

Hudson McDonald takes great pride in property management and we treat each property as if it were our own.


Specific Services

Hudson McDonald performs all day to day operations necessary for successful property management.

Leasing & Marketing

We develop a marketing strategy for each property that includes online, on-site and central office presence to reach the broadest tenant base. We often create a unique website for each property to improve leasing success and also advertise units through Craigslist and other venues. An on-site signage program is also used to increase resident traffic.

Because of our Berkeley focus, we thoroughly understand the rental market and help owners set rental rates that achieve each owner’s desired goals. We are very aware of the unique rhythms of Berkeley’s “leasing season” and this knowledge ensures that we maximize rental rates and properly structure lease terms to generate “turns” at the most advantageous time of year.

Rent Collection, Bookkeeping & Reporting

Hudson McDonald prefers to utilize direct withdrawal for rent collection as this greatly reduces late and missed rent payments. We open a distinct and separate bank account for each property and all revenues are deposited directly to this account. From this revenue, we pay all property operating expenses and maintain a complete set of financial records including income and expense statements and balance sheets. Prior to each calendar year, Hudson McDonald will prepare an operating budget for the owner’s approval and will work to maintain the property in line with the budget. Hudson McDonald provides monthly statements and quarterly reports to owners to track progress throughout the year. Distributions of net operating income to owners are made quarterly.

Online Access

Hudson McDonald utilizes Real Page, a web-based application, for tenant management and financial record keeping. Real Page provides the opportunity for automatic rent collection as well as detailed property reporting. Owners are provided access to their Real Page accounts to allow real time access to property management and financial data.

Residential Community

Hudson McDonald endeavors to maintain a positive and respectful community at each of our properties. We treat our tenants as valued clients and find that happy tenants create excellent communities. We utilize a variety of methods, including email, texting and face-to-face meetings to respond to tenant requests and questions in a timely manner. Hudson McDonald’s on-site resident managers are trained to be community ambassadors whose primary job is to maintain excellent resident relations.

Property Maintenance / Vendor Management

Our management team oversees third party performance of both regular maintenance tasks and specific repairs. Our team also manages and coordinates other third party vendors such as gardeners, janitors and elevator maintenance crews. Maintenance work is tracked and monitored through the Real Page system. We use the Real Page data to help us develop annual and long-term capital improvement plans to ensure that buildings remain competitive and attractive.

Our project management expertise ensures rapid, but thorough, unit turnover to minimize the time a unit is off-market and we also ensure that tenants pay for all damage caused during their tenancies. Hudson McDonald’s extensive construction experience also allows us to provide project management services for larger projects.

Access to Other Professionals

Hudson McDonald has been developing, acquiring and managing properties in Berkeley for more than ten years. As a result we have developed an extensive network of qualified experts. We can call on this team of lenders, financial advisers, insurance consultants, lawyers, tax advisers, architects and contractors to help owners address problems and maximize the value of their properties.