The Delaware

Open House Tours- Saturday, Aug 8/11 from 11pm-1pm
1BR, 2BR
Prices starting at $2,200

New Californian

Open House Tours-
Sat. 8/11 from 1pm-3pm
& 8/12 11am-1pm

1BR & 2BR
Prices starting at $2,475

The Metropolitan

Open House Tours-
Sat 8/11 from
1pm to 2pm

Private Rooms in suites
Prices starting at $1,550

Bancroft House

Apartment flats directly across from Cal.

4BR & 5BR

ABSW Apartments

Southside apartment building.

Studios & 1BR
Prices starting at $,1800

Telegraph Commons

Open House Tours- Sunday, Aug 12th
from 2pm-3pm

Shared Dorm Rooms
Prices starting at $800.

PSR Housing

Open House Tours-Sunday, Aug 12th
from 1pm – 2pm
Single and Shared Rooms suites prices starting at $900